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ATPL (A) Integrated «Standard» Package


AVERAGE DURATION 18 MONTHS (750 hours Ground / 200 hours Flight and Simulator)

The ATPL(A) Integrated «Standard» course, is a high-level training program, designed exclusively by active airline pilots, instructors and examiners. The course is aimed mainly to those who want to become professional pilots in the shortest time and at the minimum cost. The program meets all standard requirements of the European Union Safety Agency (EASA) and of all major airlines.

Pre – entry Requirements

ATPL (A) Integrated «Standard» course training package
The package includes the pre-entry assessment, all registration procedures in the organization, the English language proficiency assessment and certification according to ICAO-EASA requirements and a complete package of training equipment such as uniforms, books in electronic form provided by the organization, interactive educational material and all necessary pilot supplies.

Course analysis:

*Theoretical Knowledge Ground Training Subjects: