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Consultancy and Managament

Avioneer cooperates with a number of aviation professionals with extensive experience in the organization and management of many types of aviation related businesses. We can assist you with starting a new business, organizing and upgrading an existing business or even providing you with any required management services.

Among the services we can provide are:

Are You Starting A New Aviation Company?

  • We can undertake the development of operational manuals and other paperwork required for the organization and approval of airlines, training organizations, maintenance facilities etc.
  • We can assist you with the organization of your facilities and all your operations (ground, air, maintenance, commercial)
  • We can manage the recruitment of both ground and air personnel

Are You Are Already Running An Aviation Company?

  • We can assist with reorganizing your operations and business processes
  • We can provide consultancy and personnel training
  • We can facilitate the recruitment of new personnel
  • We can provide you with management and administration services
  • We can manage all or some of your operations
  • We can provide fleet and network management services¬†
  • We can monitor and ensure your compliance with national, regional and international rules and regulations (EASA, ICAO, IATA etc.)