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your one-stop aviation partner

We provide solutions for all the requirements of your Aviation business needs.

About Avioneer

Avioneer Consulting and Services ltd, is a recently established aviation services company, based in Cyprus. Avioneer, is acting as a collective organization, bringing together the services of a variety of companies and individual professionals, to provide high quality solutions to all your aviation related needs. Avioneer people, provide expertise in many aspects of aviation including:

  • Aviation training (pilot, maintenance, cabin crew)
  • Simulator centre development
  • Urban air mobility (UAM) systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) design and development
  • Helicopter and Heliport developments and management 
  • Airport operations management
  • Maintenance centre development

We maintain a supreme and diverse network of associates, involving EASA approved organizations such as ATOs, MTOs, MROs, CCTOs, Airlines, Charter and Cargo Companies and many more aviation related organizations and highly experienced and qualified aviation professionals, that can assist you in any requirement you might have during the research, design, implementation and operation of your projects.

Our aim is to be your one-stop solution provider, no matter what your needs are. So, if you are an individual looking for a career in aviation, or if you are an organization looking for any kind of aviation services then contact us. We will respond to your request in the best possible way. 

Why Avioneer?

Avioneer is managed by highly qualified aviation professionals and academics, who combine their work experience and academic knowledge, in order to bring to you the most suitable and innovative services, towards the satisfaction of your requirements and needs.

Avioneer will pay attention to every detail of your requirements, and search its network of associates for the services that not only will satisfy your needs, but will also provide you with extra benefits that provide your organization with a substantial competitive advantage.

Our Services

Consultancy & Management

For organizations and individuals that require to establish or reorganize an aviation related company of any kind or receive aviation related training


Through our network we can provide training for pilot licenses, aircraft engineering licenses, drones and a variety of academic and professional trainings under EASA, IATA and more


Urban Air Mobility / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Expertise in Research and Development, Consultancy and Certification of Electric VTOL Aircraft